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The E-paper is an online Newspaper edition, Where peoples are reading their favorite newspaper online using there PC or Mobile. (Ex. Times of India, Hindustantimes, Jagran) Flixweb provides you a best News E-paper or E-magazines online software with various features. Not only that you can send the notification to your audiences.

How to work Online ePaper and eMagazine?

ePaper CMS is an online version of eNewspaper or eMagazine. Your users can feel the same experience as the newspaper. Just upload the png/jpg version of newspaper/magazine & create the area mapping. When user click the particular news area it’ll popup another screen.

Best Features ePaper Script – ePaper CMS

  • Area Maps for Selected News Regions.
  • Two Way Area Mapping
  • Area Maps Linking
  • Powerful Admin Panel
  • Multi Design Template
  • Area Map Editor
  • Watermark and date during sharing.
  • Scheduler Publishing.
  • Google Sitemap Generator.
  • White Labeling
  • Host on Your Own Domain
  • PDF to JPG Converter
  • Page Builder
  • Multi-User System
  • Automatic Software Updates
  • Advertisements Spaces
  • XML Sitemap
  • Seo Friendly
  • Responsive Website
  • Social Media Integration
  • Archive and Category

Epaper CMS PHP Script The CMS provides tools for designing, formatting, and publishing content in a way that is optimized for e-paper displays. It typically includes features like drag-and-drop layout editors, multimedia support, search functionality, and analytics tools for tracking user engagement.

Creating a software takes lots of effort and time. Our epaper software development is not a one time work. It is continuously evolving and becoming better and better. We are continuously working hard to make it better and add more features. So it is not possible to provide Free Epaper Software download or Free Newsportal Software Download.

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Introduction to eView ePaper & eMagazine Script with Area Mapping
Overview of eView ePaper & eMagazine Script
Benefits of Area Mapping feature
Key Features of eView ePaper & eMagazine Script
Customizable ePaper and eMagazine templates
Interactive area mapping capabilities
How to Use eView ePaper & eMagazine Script
Step-by-step guide on creating ePapers and eMagazines
Utilizing the area mapping tool effectively
Advantages of Using eView ePaper & eMagazine Script
Enhanced user engagement through interactive content
Efficient distribution and analytics tracking
Case Studies
Success stories of businesses using eView ePaper & eMagazine with area mapping
Real-world examples of increased reader interaction and satisfaction
Summary of the benefits of eView ePaper & eMagazine Script with Area Mapping
Future potential and advancements in ePublishing technology

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