Be aware of Duplicate ePaper ScriptsKnow More

Suppose you have a requirement of epaper for your clients and your own. Always buy from a genuine service provider. Never buy duplicate or Nulled scripts from 3rd parties.


Why you avoid the duplicate epapers?

  1. They never provide any security updates.
  2. Their main motive is selling the product, not support.
  3. If you are using such a script, there are many loopholes to hack your website and hosting.
  4. If you are using this for your client then you will loss your reporation if the site is hacked.
  5. They only provide PHP Version 7.0, not provide PHP Version 8+
  6. If you watch properly, you can understand that in most cases, they are using our theme and design.

So always buy the epaper from a genuine company.